Creative Wedding Themes

Want ideas for a creative wedding theme?

amazing wedding theme

Are you hoping to have a wedding that “pops”? One that has a theme so fantastic that no one will be able to stop talking about it for the rest of the wedding season? Of course you are! Here we have listed some of the most creative wedding themes we have seen, and offer a few suggestions for making them work on your big day.

  1. Fairytale

What could be more romantic than images of a prince rescuing his princess from a dragon-guarded castle? Whatever your favourite fairytale may be, there are ways to evoke these feelings of romance without being overly “cutesy”. Pick a few of your favourite images from the story (rose petals from beauty and the beast, apples from snow white, playing cards from Alice in Wonderland) and use them throughout your decor for a subtle but romantic theme.

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2) Seaside Paradise

Beach weddings are not for everyone – you may live too far away from the shore, the weather may not cooperate, and the laid-back feel may not be what you want for your big day. Just because you don’t want to go to the beach doesn’t mean you can’t bring the best parts of the shore to you! Easy ways to bring some of the seaside feel to your wedding decor include: small vials of sand, collections of seashells, old glass bottles, and seaglass.

3) Library

Do you and your fiancé love books almost as much as you love each other? A library-themed wedding might be the perfect fit for you! This theme offers a lot of opportunity for creative ideas – what about invites that look like library return cards? books as centrepieces? a place for guests to suggest their favourite books? The options are endless here, and will all work together to keep your wedding looking classy – after all, books will always look classic and timeless. One thing to keep in mind if you go with this theme – you might have to reassure guests that it’s okay to speak above a whisper!

4) Board Game

If you are more of a laid-back couple, consider a board game wedding. This theme offers the chance to have all sorts of fun decor choices – classic games have a wealth of decor options. Consider favourites such as Clue, Monopoly, Uno and Scrabble when decorating – all of these choices have a lot of fun pieces and concepts that can be easily worked into your decor, desserts, and favours! Even better, having a board game or two at each table of your reception gives guests something to do and some excellent conversation starters – just try and keep the really competitive people away from your Monopoly set!

Your wedding theme is one of the key components of wedding planning – it brings all of the different components of your big day together. Feel free to go a little off-the-wall with your choice! After all, it’s your day, and you want the theme to reflect that!