5 Substitutes for the Classic White Wedding Cake

5 Substitutes for the Classic White Wedding Cake

picture of a classic wedding cake

The moment you think of wedding cake, what probably comes instantly to mind is the dry, crumbly white cake that seems to have been present at receptions since time began. Instead of following this tradition, consider some of the other options out there – cakes and desserts that are guaranteed to keep guests talking about your wedding ‘cake’ for years to come.

  1. High-quality Cake

Maybe you don’t generally go for classic cake flavours, but cheesecake makes your mouth water any time of day. If you really want your cake to stand out, work with your fiancé to choose your absolute favourite flavour. Then, find a bakery nearby who can recreate that taste – probably for a lower cost than a wedding cake!

  1. Cupcake Tree

If you want to make sure that all of your guests will get a slice of cake without having to worry about cutting the right number of slices, cupcakes might be a perfect solution! Cupcakes are easy to display in interesting ways, don’t require that people are seated to enjoy them, and everyone is guaranteed the perfect amount of icing! As a bonus, cupcakes can be arranged on a standard cake stand – keeping your decor classic, even if your cake isn’t!

chocolate cup cake tree

  1. Dessert Bar

This is easily one of the most fun options – just because it’s a wedding, there’s no reason to limit the dessert to just cake! Have a selection of desserts on hand – think brownies and cookies and pies – so that your guests can choose their favourite desserts. Remember if you go with this option to have more available than you think you will need – in a buffet situation like this, guests are guaranteed to go back for more than a single helping!

  1. Ice Cream Bar

Ice Cream bars can be a little extra work, but are guaranteed to be a hit with guests! Bring in some high quality ice cream in large tubs, and set out bowls of different toppings (including favourites like candy, fruit, and chocolate) and sauces. Let your guests go crazy! This is one wedding dessert that is sure to be a favourite for all ages, without breaking the bank!

  1. Mini-Desserts

Having mini-desserts at your wedding will get you points not just for taste, but also for decor – after all, “mini”-sized anything is guaranteed to be adorable! Think about having mini-puddings in tiny mason jars, extra-tiny cupcakes, truffles on a stick, mini-cheesecakes, or macarons. Guests will love the chance to sample all kinds of their favourite desserts without having to worry about eating a full serving of each in the Amazon Jungle.

The best part about all of these options is that choosing to use one of them at your reception doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a cake cutting moment at your reception. Many bakeries will be able to make a “top tier” classic wedding cake for you, which you can cut at your reception before fully enjoying the other dessert you have chosen.