How to be Assertive when Weddings go Wrong


No matter how many detailed to-do lists you’ve made, or long discussions you have had with your wedding vendors, there is still always the chance that something will not go to plan which is why you need to have the best wedding planner Essex or your local area. If something does go wrong, however, it is your right as the bride (and as the one who is paying for these services!) to demand compensation and better results! Here are some hints to give you confidence in fighting for the services you paid for and the results that you want.

One: Put Everything in Writing

No matter what it is – the kind of cake you want, the price you’ve agreed to play for flowers, or the measurements for your wedding dress – make sure that you write down every agreement you make while planning for this wedding. If possible, have the notes written on company letterhead for each contractor you deal with, or have them sign it. While this seems silly, it guarantees that you will have signed proof of what you ordered if something goes wrong.

Two: Ask Vendors how they’ve Dealt with Issues in the Past

When interviewing vendors for your wedding, make sure to ask them about their past experiences – remember that you are hiring them for a significant amount of money, so you are allowed to vet them as thoroughly as if you were hiring them for your company! Ask about their cancellation policies, their past responses to worst-case scenarios, and how compensation works if something doesn’t go as planned. If you have these answers ahead of time, you will know exactly how to approach resolving any problems that happen at your wedding.


Three: Be Specific in Your Requests

Everyone is going to have an opinion for you when you are planning your wedding. From the colour of the flowers to the flavour of your cake, everyone is going to want to give you their personal opinion. Don’t let yourself be easily swayed from the choices that you have already made! When you meet with a vendor, be sure to explain in detail what it is that you want, especially if your choices are different from current trends. Don’t leave any room for the vendor to misinterpret your directions – a little bit of assertiveness now will save you a lot of complications later if things don’t go as planned!

Four: Don’t Withhold Payment

This is important – if things go catastrophically wrong, and you want your vendor to fix the problem you cannot threaten to withhold their payment. This will not encourage them to help you – it will just make them angry! Instead, politely but assertively work together to try and find a solution to the problem at hand – this may be a discount, or it may be a complete re-do of the product or a rush job on alterations. Even if your product isn’t as perfect as you imagined it, the vendor still did put time and effort into it and do deserve payment – if they are good business people, they will recognize where they went wrong and will do everything possible to make it right.